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AYAFA AIRCON SERVICE is a trusty aircon service company. We provide comprehensive , diverse and high quality service. We do not compromise on quality but we will give you the best price.

Our service pricing and rates are also affordable and competitive. 

For a fast service or to schedule a quick consultation, please call +65 8343 8694 or email us at [email protected]

Our Services

Unmatched Aircon Installation

Get energy-efficient aircon installation for your residential house or business facility. Competent, trained, and experienced technicians at Aircon Service are always on hand to handle your aircon installation.

Regular Aircon Servicing

Don’t abandon your aircon system after installation. During a scheduled servicing visit, our technicians will look into the system as a whole, clean out accumulated dust, repair what needs repairing, and replace worn-out parts. Servicing your aircon unit translates into improved system efficiency and increased lifespan.

Periodic Aircon Troubleshooting

If your air conditioning system is acting up and you don’t know exactly what the problem is, then it’s time to call a local expert to troubleshoot the system. Our experts will decouple your air conditioning unit, access every component, isolate the problematic part, and resolve the issue.

Expert Aircon Repairs

Fan issues, refrigerant leaks, and compressor problems can render your aircon unit useless. But the pros can put the unit back in its previous working condition or even better. Our experts here will be glad to provide the needed help!

Professional Aircon Overhaul

If your aircon system needs to be overhauled, our aircon technician will come to your Singapore location, clean all components of the air conditioner, and make necessary repairs and replacements. Know that the experts at PS Aircon Service are always at your service.

Aircon Chemical Wash

Improve your air conditioner’s energy efficiency, cooling efficiency, and overall performance with our aircon chemical wash service. A chemical clean helps rid of clogs and sticky particles in the drain tubes and the unit.

Aircon Gas Top Up

To ensure your aircon keeps blowing cool air, get a gas top service from our service technicians today. We’ll also help check for possible leaks if refrigerant gas is getting to lower levels pretty fast. Learn more today.

Other Services: Plumber work, Electrician Services, Door Repair & Lock Replacement.

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Trustworthy, prompt and professional serving by Ayafa Aircon. Very good deals on their annual service package.
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rony toma
rony toma
Ayafa air con Good done by Service highly recommend of others Singapore best thank AYAFA AIRCON boss
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