Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash

Despite regular maintenance, is your AC unit not cooling enough as it used to be? If general aircon servicing isn’t sufficient to improve the working conditions of your AC unit, then the unit might need an additional service – aircon chemical wash – to achieve desired performance!

Instead of replacing components, first let the experts clean your air conditioning system with a chemical-based solution. This helps clean out and rid of the internal units of sticky particles, dirt, and corrosive acids that are all reducing the cooling efficiency of the system.

Experts with Years of Service Providing Aircon Chemical Wash

Some providers offering aircon chemical cleaning may end up ruining your AC unit instead of improving its performance. This is sometimes due to the use of wrong chemicals or chemicals in the wrong proportions.

To avoid damage to your AC system in any of these two ways, the AC specialists here at PS Aircon Service will be glad to put their experience and expertise into work for you to get a trouble-free cleaning.

Our service professionals are knowledgeable about safe cleaning products, the safe amount of chemicals, and how to do the actual cleaning.

We do the job effectively so that your AC system’s fan coil unit and electrical components are not damaged in the process. Contact us now at PS Aircon Service to see how we can help you.

Affordable Aircon Cleaning in Singapore

Getting an aircon overhaul in Singapore doesn’t have to be expensive. We believe that customers, including you, don’t have to break the bank before getting an aircon chemical wash done on their aircon units.

So, we make our services affordable without compromising on quality! Contact us today to know more about our affordable and competitive pricing and rates.

Our Expert Engineers Are Ready To Help Chemical Clean Your Ac Unit

Instead of you continuing searching online for technicians providing aircon chemical wash services in your Singapore location, simply reach out to us at PS Aircon Service to put an end to any cooling issues with your aircon via chemical cleaning.

Ready to get your aircon unit cleaned? Request a service technician and you’ll be glad you did!.