Aircon Leaking Fix

Aircon Leaking Fix

You need an aircon leaking fix service if you’re seeing water leaks in your home coming from your air conditioning unit. Same thing if you can’t figure out why your refrigerant gas is always dropping to lower levels shortly after a top up service. Contact the experts at PS Aircon Service to come to your Singapore location for swift and professional assistance with this issue.

Water Aircon Leaking Fix In Singapore?

It’s normal for air conditioning systems to empty a little bit of water outside during routine functioning, with a little bit and outside being the keyword here.

Too many leaks on the outdoor unit, however, can be a cause for concern, while it’s very invariably bad for an aircon to be leaking water in your building.

When experiencing any of these two occurrences, especially leaks in the building, contact your local air conditioning repair professional.

The service experts here at PS Aircon Service will be glad to come to your rescue. To request a competent aircon technician, contact us today.

Refrigerant Gas Leak Fix In Your Singapore Area    

Apart from water leaks, another problem our service experts commonly fix for customers is aircon refrigerant coolant leaking.

These customers often wonder why they have to get a frequent aircon gas top up service. One explanation for this is, over time, formic acid develops in some units inside of an aircon system which leads to the formation of pores.

Now, the refrigerant gas escapes through these small holes, making coolant gas drop to lower levels in a short period of time. Ultimately, this leads to a system that’s not producing enough cooling.

If you suspect your coolant is leaking out of the unit, phone us for a service technician to look into the issue. One of our experts will be glad to repair or replace damaged parts, refill your gas, and get your building back into cooling.

Still Needing Aircon Leaks Fix In Singapore?

Are you still searching online for “technicians offering aircon leaking fix service in my Singapore?” Search no more as we have the right expert for the job here at PS Aircon Service.

Our service professionals are qualified and competent to handle your aircon leak fixing. Contact us today to find out!

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