General Aircon Servicing

Ayafa Aircon Service provides general aircon servicing for any kinds house categories like HDB, Condo, landed apartment , shop house in city area etc in Singapore. Under general aircon service we provide cleaning work of your air conditioner’s filters, outer panels, fan coils, blower wheel, and many more. We advise and discuss about the condition of your aircon , replace and repair all necessary parts condition wise as required.

Aircon Chemical Wash

We clean thoroughly the unit inside and out using safe chemical-based solutions. We dismantle the internal parts including the evaporator coils, filters and condenser and immersing those in a chemical solution.

Our aircon chemical wash helps you to get much higher quality of air.

Aircon Overhaul

If your aircon is not functioning properly like not cooling enough, making abnormal noise and vibration or leaking water or has stopped working completely , Our technician will advise you properly and will dismantle each part of the system and then clean , repair and replace the parts/ component as required. 

Aircon Installation

If you require to install new aircon or replace the aircon or upgrade , Ayafa aircon service offer you to do this service as part of our regular service.  

Aircon Gas Top Up

We provide gas top up service. If your aircon is not cooling as required or if the unit is just blowing hot air, please contact us.  

During the visit, our highly experienced technician will check for the refrigerant levels and assess the system for possible leaks that could be letting the gas coolant escape from the unit.

Aircon Troubleshooting

If you are having issues with your aircon like not lowering the temperature , our technician will repair or replace the evaporator fan, evaporator coil , condenser fan, condenser coil, bad compressor, air filters, or any other of its components.

If your aircon is not working properly or doing malfunctioning or unidentifiable or any kind of abnormality , Contact us. Our highly experience technician will reach to your door step without delay. Technician will inspect your aircon and advise you for the troubleshooting and do the necessities as required.  

Aircon Leaking Fix

If water is leaking from your aircon right inside or outside your building or it is requiring to top up gas frequently, the indication is that there is leaking respectively. Contact us , our highly experts will attend you shortly to help you.

Aircon Not Cold Fix

Due to aircon fan is wrongly setting, faulty thermostat, clogged of air filter, frozen of evaporator coil or another defective component , aircon is  unable to  blow cool.

With regards this, Contact us . Our technicians will carefully inspect the system, identify the route cause and and solve the issues.


Other Services:

Plumber work, Electrician Services, Door Repair & Lock Replacement.

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